I remember week four 2012 and sitting down in the library to attempt my first assignment. I felt absolutely overwhelmed and the tears started to emerge. I envied the CAO students because so many had friends from school or met new friends in their student accommodation. I felt so alone and questioned whether I was confident enough to continue. I just wanted to drive home to the comfort and safety of my own home and family.

Being a Joint Honours student made it even harder to get too know other mature students as there are so many different subjects.I through myself in at the deep end and became class rep, attending Student Union meetings, hoping I would learn more about how everything works. Once I found my feet and started to figure how things work, I knew UL needed a mature student society, so future mature students could relate to other mature student.

While there is a Mature Students Office, which is very helpful, it is run by the University, so it’s not as easy to approach about certain issues. I contacted the Students Union and wa met by a lot of red tape which I have to go through to set up the society. I contacted other University’s with society’s already in place and to their astonishment could not believe UL did not have one and offered to help in anyway they could in the future.

At this stage I was coming to the end of 2012-2013 academic year and so I decided to hold a petition outside the library and received 120 signatures in one day.

During the summer I was then asked by the University to speak to the new mature students on their open day, which was pretty nerve wrecking, but I got it done.

This week we are holding a meeting to vote in a committee and hopefully if we get enough numbers, we might have a society for academic year 2014-2015.




As a mom of four, returning to college was a big decision and one that your never sure when the right time is to do so. Even though over the years previous to college, I was in full time employment, I always had that ‘want’ to attend University and get a degree. The subject that inspired me to apply to begin with was english and to my astonishment, I received word from my application and interview that I was accepted.


Freya Belle

I won’t lie, it still took me all summer to decide as my youngest child Freya would be only ten months old in the September I was due to start. 

One day I was in a conversation with an Irish gentleman who is one of the top guys working for Dell and living in Texas and telling him of my dilemma, he said that ” college was not only about the degree and what you learn, but also the contacts you make along the way”. To be honest, that did it for me. I want the best for my family and I want to live without regrets and so I accepted the offer.

While it may be hard, it is also rewarding and I certainly made the right decision.

Wikipedia Page – Park Road Bridge

When I was asked to create my own wiki page on Park Road Bridge, I have to admit I found the task daunting. To begin with I searched through Google to see what information I could find and to be honest not much could be found. While I could not find out when this pretty little bridge was built, I soldiered on to read old articles which were written about the Killaloe-Limerick canal. Through my research, I contacted a limerick historian Sharon Slater, who confirmed that she also could not find the date it was built.

I then contacted the archive office in the county council, but they too did not have a date. I drove out to the bridge to take pictures and collect whatever relevant data I could find, to upload onto my page.

Even though a date could not be found , there was no doubt this bridge was early 19th century, as it had to be built to enable farmers to get to the other side of their land.

By the end of my research, I have to say I enjoyed the experience and reporting on a bridge that seems to be shadowed by larger bridges in the area.