When I was asked to create my own wiki page on Park Road Bridge, I have to admit I found the task daunting. To begin with I searched through Google to see what information I could find and to be honest not much could be found. While I could not find out when this pretty little bridge was built, I soldiered on to read old articles which were written about the Killaloe-Limerick canal. Through my research, I contacted a limerick historian Sharon Slater, who confirmed that she also could not find the date it was built.

I then contacted the archive office in the county council, but they too did not have a date. I drove out to the bridge to take pictures and collect whatever relevant data I could find, to upload onto my page.

Even though a date could not be found , there was no doubt this bridge was early 19th century, as it had to be built to enable farmers to get to the other side of their land.

By the end of my research, I have to say I enjoyed the experience and reporting on a bridge that seems to be shadowed by larger bridges in the area.