As a mom of four, returning to college was a big decision and one that your never sure when the right time is to do so. Even though over the years previous to college, I was in full time employment, I always had that ‘want’ to attend University and get a degree. The subject that inspired me to apply to begin with was english and to my astonishment, I received word from my application and interview that I was accepted.


Freya Belle

I won’t lie, it still took me all summer to decide as my youngest child Freya would be only ten months old in the September I was due to start. 

One day I was in a conversation with an Irish gentleman who is one of the top guys working for Dell and living in Texas and telling him of my dilemma, he said that ” college was not only about the degree and what you learn, but also the contacts you make along the way”. To be honest, that did it for me. I want the best for my family and I want to live without regrets and so I accepted the offer.

While it may be hard, it is also rewarding and I certainly made the right decision.